Four young people enjoy an aperitif in the gardenFour young people enjoy an aperitif in the garden

Get some fresh air!

For a wine to really blossom it has to breathe. And the same applies to you! And of course the best way to do that is in the fresh air, «aria aperta!», outside on the terrace with the sun on your face, summer in your heart – and the right wine in your glass.

Exquisite whites

Maybe in some places an aperitif is regarded as nothing more than a preliminary to the evening meal – but it takes centre stage on our terrace!

South Tyrol basks in sunshine 300 days of the year. So it should come as no surprise that this alpine region knows how to do a proper aperitif wine.

The Lageder family celebrates a close connection to nature – and we get to enjoy the fruits of their labours: a true symphony of expressive aromatics! The grapes for this Don Giovanni of a white wine come from vines that are up to 30 years old, nourished by the nutrient-rich terroir of the Alto Adige. A seductive fragrance of white peaches, dry on the palate, uniquely summery.

This golden Grauburgunder (preferably served chilled at 7–10 degrees) is basically everything you need for a successful aperitif – it stands on its own and is sure to please everyone on the terrace. But there is no reason why you shouldn’t enjoy it with dinner as well, especially since it pairs so well with light Mediterranean cuisine or grilled white meat.

Keeping it real

A hot topic: these days, Italian grills are fast becoming the favourite of every fine diner on both sides of the Alps.

An expression of Sardinia’s unique character, staying true to every rule of great winemaking: Punica’s Barrua.

There are always questions before you fire up the grill for a grigliata. Do we put sausage or fish on the grill? Do we season it before or after grilling? Do we serve it with Mediterranean vegetables or focaccia? And, above all: what do we drink with it?

In regard to this last question, nobody will regret the choice of Barrua. It is a bold Sardinian whose elegant smoothness stands up even to hearty fillets. A sweetish, black-fruited bouquet with notes of liquorice. The wine’s Mediterranean origin comes through in the cedar and bergamot on the palate, followed by a hint of fine dark chocolate…

Star oenologist Giacomo Tachis, who unfortunately passed away a few years ago, could have chosen to just take it easy after he retired. The fact that he didn’t do so is a blessing, because instead he founded Agricola Punica in Sardinia, which continues to provide us with splendid specimens like this one! And you can even drink them at other times besides barbecue season.

Summer wears pink

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    Italy, Tuscany

    75 cl
    Giardino Rosé Toscana igt, Santa Cristina
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    Italy, Veneto
    100 Merlot

    75 cl
    Rosa dei Masi – Rosato Trevenezie igt, Masi
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    Italy, Veneto
    85 % Glera, 15 % Pinot nero / Pinot noir / Blauburgunder

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    Prosecco Rosé doc - Casa Canevel – brut, Masi Canevel
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    Italy, Puglia
    100 % Negroamaro

    75 cl
    Calafuria – Salento igt, Tormaresca
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    Italy, Piedmont
    Nebbiolo, Barbera

    75 cl
    Micó – Piemonte doc, Beni di Batasiolo