A bottle of wine is opened with a corkscrewA bottle of wine is opened with a corkscrew

Our step-by-step guide

Opening wine isn’t rocket science! At least, not with these tips from our wine experts. Follow them step by step.

The number one most important thing: the bottle opener. Choose a model that’s easy to handle, preferably one that also has a small foil cutter. Here’s how it’s done:

  1. Remove the foil
    Make a cut below the bottleneck rim.
  2. Remove the cork
    Position the tip of the screw at the centre of the cork and carefully screw it in. When the screw is fully lodged in the cork, pull it out using the two-step lever at the side.
  3. Smell the cork
    Does the cork smell pleasant, or does it give a slight hint of cork taint?
  4. Serve a small mouthful
    Gently swirl the glass and allow your guest to taste the wine – or take on this important duty yourself.
  5. Cheers!

And one more hint regarding the correct serving temperature for wine:

  • Medium-/full-bodied white wine with hints of oak
    lightly chilled, 10 to 13°C
  • Light-/medium-bodied white wine
    chilled, 7 to 10°C
  • Dessert wine
    well chilled, 6 to 8°C
  • Sparkling wine
    well chilled, 6 to 8°C
  • Light-bodied red wine
    lightly chilled, 13°C
  • Medium-/full-bodied red wine
    «room temperature», 15 to 18°C

Our wine recommendations

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    Italy, Sardinia
    100 % Vermentino

    75 cl
    Monteoro – Vermentino di Gallura docg superiore, Sella & Mosca
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