Spaghetti Pesto Calabrese from the Spaghetti Factory in RosenhofSpaghetti Pesto Calabrese from the Spaghetti Factory in Rosenhof

Wine suggestions for Spaghetti Pesto Calabrese

Pairing spicy flavours with wine is considered difficult, However, we see it differently

Southern Italian dishes carry the heat of the region:

Calabrians like their food spicy! Take Spaghetti with Pesto Calabrese from the Spaghetti Factory in Rosenhof. This red pesto gets its kick from fresh Calabrian chili peppers, an ingredient that can make selecting wines more challenging, as its spiciness clashes with the acidity and astringency that characterise many white and red wines. A few tips for successful pairings.

Red wine

The right red to accompany this spicy pesto should be rounded and mellow, yet fresh and balanced. It should be light on tannins, as their slight bitterness is incompatible with the heat of chillies, so opt for a young Rioja, a Barbaresco or a Valpolicella.

White wine

Burgundy varieties work best! Their rounded body and creamy texture harmonise perfectly with the rich sauce and their intermediate acidity is a universal match. A full-bodied Pinot Grigio or Pinot Bianco is also a good choice.

Rosé wine

You can’t go wrong pairing Pesto Calabrese with a rosé, the perfect accompaniment to spicy dishes. It has a little bit of everything and not too much of anything, be it fruit, acidity or structure. The southern half of Italy in particular has many fine offerings to choose from.

Sparkling wine

Try pairing Pesto Calabrese with a Prosecco. A creamy extra dry will harmonise well with the sauce and refresh the palate at the same time.

«Depending on my mood, I would opt for white, rosé, red or a Prosecco to accompany Spaghetti Pesto Calabrese»

Signature Susann MorosoliSignature Susann Morosoli
Susann Morosoli, Customer Service Representative – Office SalesSusann Morosoli, Customer Service Representative – Office Sales

Susann Morosoli
Customer Service Representative – Office Sales

A balanced Italian

«That would be Brunello's younger brother. And rightly so: Very elegant with beautiful toasted notes, pithy and refined on the palate. A true charmer filled with finesse, just wonderful!»

A crisp rosé

«Creamy ricotta and a crisp rosé: the perfect combination, especially with this fruity-fresh one! You won’t be able to stop at just one glass.»

A creamy Prosecco

«The luscious residual sweetness of this Prosecco balances the heat of the peperoncini. Its fine perlage marries beautifully with the richness of the pesto.»