Pizza Santa Lucia from Santa Lucia in ZurichPizza Santa Lucia from Santa Lucia in Zurich

Seductive wines to enjoy with Pizza Santa Lucia

Santa Lucia is everyone’s favourite pizza from the eponymous restaurant. And it deserves a quaffable wine to go with it! Three different-coloured tips.

No wonder Pizza Santa Lucia is so popular. Topped with pepperoni, mushrooms, cooked ham and anchovies, it has something to suit every taste and pair with every wine. Take your pick:

Red wine

Red wine and pizza are a match made in heaven. Vino rosso harmonises particularly well with the grilled notes of the roasted pepperoni. Choose a succulent Sangiovese-based wine, such as a Chianti, Brunello or Vino Nobile di Montepulciano.


Rosé wine is the perfect foil to anchovies and adds a touch of fun to pizza nights! Many delightful options hail from the southern regions of Italy.


Let it sparkle: Prosecco adores ham and its fruity notes complement the earthy flavours of the mushrooms. Opt for a Brut, which is the dry version.

«While red wine is always a good idea, on hot days, a rosé or Prosecco is an equally great choice for pizza.»

Signature David LienertSignature David Lienert
David Lienert, Viticulture-Wine Trade Director Field SalesDavid Lienert, Viticulture-Wine Trade Director Field Sales

David Lienert
Viticulture-Wine Trade Director Field Sales

Elegant Tuscan

«Wines made from the Sangiovese grape are the ideal match for pizza. For something special, I would recommend the Brunello from Banfi. It elevates the pizza with its refined elegance.»

Spicy Sardinian

«If you like it full-bodied: Crafted from half Cannonau and half Cabernet Sauvignon, this Sardinian wine tantalises the palate with notes of spice, berry and smoke and stands up to pizza admirably.»

Succulent Apulian

«Why not pair your crispy pizza with a rosé? Calafuria from sunny Puglia is fruity, fresh, succulent and incredibly aromatic, and it pairs perfectly with anchovies.»