Spaghetti aglio, olio e peperoncino from Cantinetta Bindella in WinterthurSpaghetti aglio, olio e peperoncino from Cantinetta Bindella in Winterthur

Great wines to accompany spaghetti aglio, olio e peperoncino

Spaghetti, olive oil, garlic and hot chilli peppers, topped with pan-fried gamberoni if you fancy, that’s how quickly you can conjure up this favourite dish. Choosing the right wine is just as easy!

Every Italian knows that simple is often best, as they have done since their first peek into their nonna's kitchen pots. After all, the Italian culinary philosophy runs as follows: To create a culinary masterpiece, all you need are the freshest, highest-quality ingredients and a little bit of skill. The perfect example? Spaghetti aglio, olio e peperoncino. Simplicità in its highest form.

Simplicity is also the order of the day when it comes to pairing this Italian classic with wine. Leave the expensive vintages in the cellar: an uncomplicated, easy-drinking wine is what goes best with pasta with olive oil, garlic and chilli. Why is that? As a rule, sophisticated wines have a little more of everything. More extract. More tannin. More oakiness. Not all these elements pair well with spicy flavours. Let us recommend the following:

White wine

A fresh, fruity Pinot grigio or a quaffable Soave from the Veneto region guarantee harmony. A delicate Orvieto classico from Umbria is also a wonderful choice.


A light rosé, from Tuscany or the Veneto, for example, is sure to instantly conjure up a holiday mood.

Red wine

Chianti classico! With its cheerful fruit and smooth tannins, this wine harmonises effortlessly with the spicy tang of the dish.

The bonus

All these wines also pair well with the luxury version of the Italian classic that is Spaghetti aglio, olio e peperoncino con gamberoni, as served at Cantinetta Bindella, our restaurant in in Winterthur.

«I always keep these three wines in stock. They are the perfect pairing for spaghetti aglio, olio e peperoncino con gamberoni.»

Signature Andrea ZumsteinSignature Andrea Zumstein
Andrea Zumstein, Customer Advisor Vinoteca ZurichAndrea Zumstein, Customer Advisor Vinoteca Zurich

Andrea Zumstein
Customer Advisor Vinoteca Zurich

Warm & aromatic

«Wonderfully lively with warm spice, this classic Chianti Classico from Antinori is a picture-perfect accompaniment to food. You won’t be able to stop at just one glass ...»

Elegant and smooth

«I always keep this wine in stock! A smooth wine made from Merlot and Sangiovese, it caresses the palate and harmonises wonderfully with the heat of the peperoncini. Elegant with notes of dark fruit – just divine!»

Luscious and lively

«A white wine is always a great choice with gamberoni. Luscious and lively like this original blend of Vermentino, Viognier and Ansonica. A perfect match: The vines are grown just a stone-s throw from the sea.»