Table set for fondue with bread, cheese and wineTable set for fondue with bread, cheese and wine

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Do you also tend to opt for white wine with your fondue? While it’s an undeniably great combination, not just any white is a good match for the popular Swiss cheese dish. To ensure the wine complements the salty cheese and offers a harmonious sensation on the palate, focus on fruitiness and smoothness when making your selection. White wines that have not been barrel-aged are best, as they offer enough freshness and fruitiness to complement the cheese.

Leave wood-kissed ones on the rack for now. This is because the typical toasted aromas and notes of vanilla from the barrel don’t pair well with cheese fondue – even the finest vintage will lose its appeal.

If you would rather enjoy a red wine: please do! Light, fruity wines without woody flavours ensure a delightful drinking experience with fondue. Regardless of whether you opt for red or white, avoid placing the glasses and bottle too close to the caquelon, otherwise the wine will get warm.

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Fruity, elegant, uplifting and praised by more than just the trade press. Our customers too are big fans of this delicate Pinot grigio from Friuli.

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Normally our recommendation for pasta with pesto, but don't be afraid to be adventurous: this single-variety Radici bianco is also a great choice with fondue or raclette.