Perlage in a sparkling wine glassPerlage in a sparkling wine glass

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How to keep your sparkling wine fizzy

Just one word: chill! The amount of carbon dioxide that escapes a bottle of wine largely depends on temperature. The colder the wine is, the more carbon dioxide is retained. The warmer it gets, the faster the bubbles disappear. So if you want to be able to enjoy the rest of the bottle tomorrow (apparently there are people who don’t finish off a bottle of Prosecco …), stick it in the fridge ASAP.

Our range of sparkling wines

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    Italy, Trentino
    100 % Chardonnay

    75 cl
    Ferrari Perlé Bianco - brut – Trento doc, Ferrari
  2. - +
    Italy, Veneto
    100 % Glera

    18.7 cl
    Prosecco doc - Casa Canevel – brut, Masi Canevel
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    Italy, Piedmont
    150 cl
    Cuvée Aurora - 100 mesi – Alta Langa docg Riserva Talento metodo classico, Banfi
    CHF139.00 netto n