A Bindella bottle with the corresponding red wine glassA Bindella bottle with the corresponding red wine glass

For red, white and sparkling wine

A good wine tastes even better when served in the right glass. We reveal what to look for when buying wine glasses.

For red and white wine: Don’t afraid to be generous when purchasing a new wine glass. And we don’t mean with your money, but in terms of size: your fine wine will release its aromas better in a larger wine glass than in a (too) small one. The glass should allow the wine enough air to «breathe», so only fill the glass a third of the way up at most!

The right shape is also crucial: the wine glass should have a wide bowl with thin walls that taper towards the rim. This will intensify the aromas, guiding them to your nose. After all, what you think you taste in a wine is actually what you are smelling.

The stem should be long enough to allow you to comfortably hold it with your index, middle finger and thumb. Holding the wine by the bowl will expose you as a philistine, because your body heat warms the wine and your fingers leave behind unsightly grease marks. So grasp by the stem to sip in style.

Prosecco, Champagne and other sparkling wines are best drunk from a glass that tapers (gets narrower) towards the rim.

Opinions differ on which is the perfect glass for sparkling wine. For sparkling wine, our wine experts recommend a delicate glass that is wider at the bottom and narrower at the top. After all, wine’s delicate aromas evaporate quite quickly. A glass that tapers towards the rim gives your nose an easier job of capturing the diverse aromatic qualities. If you don’t have a sparkling wine glass at hand, reach for a white wine glass. Its base is quite wide, more so than the rim, so it is a good alternative for sparkling wine.

Our wine recommendations

  1. - +
    Italy, Tuscany
    90 % Sangiovese, 10 % altri vitigni / autres variétés / ergänzende Sorten

    75 cl
    Villa Antinori Riserva – Chianti classico docg, Riserva, Antinori nel Chianti Classico
  2. - +
    Italy, South Tyrol
    100 % Chardonnay

    75 cl
    Löwengang – Chardonnay Vigneti delle Dolomiti bianco igt, Alois Lageder
  3. - +
    Italy, Lombardy
    85 % Chardonnay, 15 % Pinot bianco / Pinot blanc / Weissburgunder

    75 cl
    Franciacorta docg - Marchese Antinori Blanc de Blancs, Tenuta Montenisa

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