A wine connoisseur opens a bottle of Bindella with a Diam corkA wine connoisseur opens a bottle of Bindella with a Diam cork

Say goodbye to corked wine with these special corks

Who hasn’t gone through it before: your favourite wine has cork taint so you can’t enjoy it. Diam corks provide the remedy, while also allowing the air passage the wine needs. And cork taint? A thing of the past…

Its elasticity and high quality aside, natural cork can introduce foul flavours to wine. We’ve all heard the dreaded phrase: «it’s corked» … Winemakers that prefer to err on the side of caution use stoppers known as Diam corks for their wines. These stoppers made from suberin, the finest part of the bark, promise to maintain the natural flavour of the wine. So cork taint is a thing of the past.

Diam corks are denoted with a corresponding label on the side. The number that accompanies it states the length of storage time it is effective for. Wines with Diam 2 corks should accordingly be enjoyed within two years. The number functions as somewhat of a best-before date.

Diam corks are available for both red and white wines, as well as sparkling wines and spirits.

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