A plate of delicious Penne alla CarbonaraA plate of delicious Penne alla Carbonara

«Pairing wine and food from the same region is rarely a mistake. And since carbonara (at Gerberstube, we serve it with homemade Creste di Gallo pasta) is known to come from Rome, a wine from Lazio is a perfect match. Sodale is a full-bodied Merlot with hints of vanilla and structured tannins that, to me, encapsulates all the beauty of Italy. And by the way: Naturally, in Schaffhausen, we don’t use cream in our carbonara, which is made with the finest pecorino, guanciale and egg yolk.»

Walter Mazzeo
General Manager at Gerberstube, Schaffhausen

Drawn portrait of Walter MazzeoDrawn portrait of Walter Mazzeo