Paper-thin slices of raw beef: a lovely carpaccioPaper-thin slices of raw beef: a lovely carpaccio

Delicate red and white pairings

Carpaccio is best accompanied by wines with subtle notes.

This dish is of the quiet and delicate kind. Paper-thin slices of raw beef are laid out in a single layer on the plate, almost translucent. We sprinkle it with a little sea salt and then drizzle on the finest lattice of citrus-spiked mayonnaise. Nothing about this creation is loud or brash – carpaccio is all delicacy, elegance and finesse, and so too should be the wine enjoyed alongside: neither heavy, nor one-dimensional, nor overbearing.

Red wine

Less is more: Overly opulent wines high in alcohol and tannins would mercilessly overwhelm such a delicate dish. Therefore, opt for medium-bodied wines that are refined, aromatic and complex. A Pinot nero from South Tyrol, a nimble Merlot or a fruity Barbera from Piedmont are the perfect accompaniments to give carpaccio the centre stage it deserves.

White wine

Here too, a ‹loud› wine would be out of place. Wines brimming with fruit and with a sharp acidity are an inappropriate choice for carpaccio. Instead, opt for something quiet, complex and full-flavoured, similar to a Burgundy: A Chardonnay from Umbria or Trentino or a Pinot Grigio from Friuli, preferably aged in the barrel, are the perfectly complements to the subtle flavours of carpaccio.

«The perfect wine for Carpaccio Cipriani? One that doesn’t eclipse the delicate flavours of the meat.»

Signature Thomas EvansSignature Thomas Evans
Thomas Evans, customer advisor in the Canton of VaudThomas Evans, customer advisor in the Canton of Vaud

Thomas Evans
Customer advisor in the Canton of Vaud

The authentic Venetian

«It’s no wonder this wine pairs perfectly with carpaccio: after all, both creations hail from the same region: the Veneto. For the Brolo Campofiorin Oro, Valpolicella giovane is combined with dried grapes before undergoing a second fermentation. This gives it strength and fullness without losing the quaffability and elegance that make it such a good match for beef.»

The elegant white

«A white Supertuscan that combines Vernaccia di San Gimignano, Chardonnay and Sauvignon blanc. After five to six months of ageing in the barrel, it has everything it needs to complement carpaccio: the delicacy of Vernaccia, the opulence of Chardonnay, the crispness of Sauvignon Blanc, and the noble toasted notes from the wood. An exceptionally elegant pairing!»

The light red

«Barbera is an unobtrusive wine. It prefers to blend in rather than dominate - precisely what is needed to accompany a carpaccio. This superb ruby red wine from oenologist Franco M. Martinetti makes the delicate dish shine with its charming fruit. For me, Montruc is undoubtedly one of the finest pairings for carpaccio!»