Arneis grapes hanging on the vineArneis grapes hanging on the vine

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If you’re looking for a white wine to go with barbecues: look no further! Hardly any white wine combines as well with toasted notes as the Sicilian Grillo. It is one of the island’s time-honoured varieties and is still cultivated almost exclusively there. Its characteristics: ripe citrus and a bouquet of Mediterranean herbs on the nose, plenty of substance and length on the palate. In short, a wine with a strong character! Drink it with a grilled dorade or chicken breast with crispy skin.

Grillo wines
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    Italy, Sicily
    100 % Grillo

    75 cl
    Cavallo delle Fate – Grillo Sicilia doc Tenuta Regaleali, Tasca
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    Italy, Sicily
    100 % Grillo

    75 cl
    Mozia – Bianco Sicilia doc Tasca - Fondazione Whitaker, Tasca
    Special Price CHF23.90 Regular Price CHF28.50