Gnocchi al ragùGnocchi al ragù

Wonderful wines to accompany this spicy dish

Some dishes make it really easy for wine connoisseurs. Gnocchi al ragù, for example. 

Isn’t it delightful when there is simply no wrong choice of wine? As in the case of Gnocchi al ragù. This dish has everything it takes to pair perfectly with a wide variety of wines: The meat gives the sauce robustness, while the tomatoes add freshness and the root vegetables depth of flavour. Made with fresh potatoes and parmesan, the gnocchi are soft and creamy. Love red wine? Perfect. White wine? Also fine. A bottle from Tuscany? Ideal. Or would you prefer Sicily? Bring it on! Let us make it easy for you with our tips categorised by type of wine.

White wine

Fresh and lively:
A delicate Verdicchio from the Marche region or a crisp Pinot Grigio from Friuli cleanse the palate after every bite.

Full of character:
These two Sicilians are gaining popularity and make an elegant accompaniment to the gnocchi and its sauce: Fiano di Avellino and Greco di Tufo.

Red wine

Fruity and cheerful:
Is there anything that Chianti doesn’t complement? The same goes for Barbera. Two uncomplicated all-rounders.

Robust and opulent:
A Sicilian Primitivo is one of our personal favourites to pair with the hearty ragù. If you like it particularly sumptuous, choose an Amarone.

«There are three wines I would recommend to go with gnocchi al ragù that are sure to impress your guests.»

Signature Nino SchwarzSignature Nino Schwarz
Nino Schwarz, Head of Innovation and Gastronomy ProjectsNino Schwarz, Head of Innovation and Gastronomy Projects

Nino Schwarz
Head of Innovation and Gastronomy Projects

The traditional one

«This iconic wine from Puglia was first made in 1971: a perennial classic, just like gnocchi al ragù. With its ripe fruit and notes of leather, tobacco and warm spices, it adds an extra dimension of flavour to the dish.»

The fruity one

«A cheerful choice for a large gathering! With seductive notes of berries, dense and velvety in the mouth, and a delicate acidity that cleanses the palate between bites of creamy gnocchi smothered in tangy sauce.»

The luscious one

«For those who like it opulent. The grapes are fermented together with the pomace of the Amarone from the same estate, giving the wine an extra dose of colour, aroma and tannin. It holds its own against the hearty richness of the ragù.»