Glowing reds to go with Carrè di Agnello

Celebrate the flavour of the south with a beautiful piece of lamb. To find the right wines to accompany this tender delicacy, look no further than the Mediterranean,

where what belongs together also grows together. Sheep herds have thrived in the region for millennia. The meat of the young lambs is as fragrant as the wild herbs of the south that complement it so well. And the choice of wine is quite literally close at hand. Indeed, the fiery grapes of the Mediterranean are the perfect match for seared lamb chops, braised shank or the royal Carré di Agnello served at Ristorante Barbatti in Lucerne. We have three tips for you:


This French variety thrives exceptionally well in Sicily and Tuscany, where it yields jammy, berry-forward wines. Its trademark: a distinctive hint of white pepper which makes it perfect for savoury ‘agnello’. Spicy!


Fleshy and full-flavoured, and we’re not talking about the lamb, but about Cannonau, the flagship grape of Sardinia. What further unites them is the delicate sweetness characteristic of both the wine and the meat. Harmonious!


Carignan is a real heat lover. The warmer the climate, the better it thrives, for example in Tuscany or Sardinia. Pairing it with lamb brings out rich notes of plum, plenty of tannin and a distinctive acidity. Full of character!

«With lamb, I always recommend a red wine, preferably from Italy.»

Signature Daniel WigetSignature Daniel Wiget
Daniel Wiget, Regional Manager/Key Account Manager Central SwitzerlandDaniel Wiget, Regional Manager/Key Account Manager Central Switzerland

Daniel Wiget
Regional Manager/Key Account Manager Central Switzerland


«Insoglio del Cinghiale is a warm wine with a lot of charm, sweet spice and notes of dark fruits such as blackberry and cassis. The unmistakable Syrah grape gives it a peppery note. Subtle toasted aromas perfectly complement the roasted rack of lamb.»


«Full-bodied, elegant and very smooth. The robust body, fruity aromas and bouquet of cedarwood and eucalyptus flatter the nose. This red wine also has a spiciness that really complements the lamb. Unfortunately, I have never been to Sardinia, but I intend to rectify that soon!»

Full of character

«I especially like this red Sardinian with homemade gnocchi or a lovely saltimbocca served with saffron risotto. With lamb too, of course. It has spicy aromas and is harmonious and velvety smooth on the palate. And then there’s the finish: plum and subtle woody notes: perfetto.»