Ferrari sparkling wine is chilled on ice at Ristorante Terrasse so it is ready to be servedFerrari sparkling wine is chilled on ice at Ristorante Terrasse so it is ready to be served

How to quickly get your wine to the right temperature

Guests already at the door, but you forgot to chill your wine? No problem. Our tricks will get you sorted quickly and professionally.

  • Option: immerse in ice
    You will need: an ice bucket, ice, salt and water.
    Here’s how it’s done: Fill the ice bucket with ice, sprinkle salt over it and pour some water in. The salt helps to lower the melting point and distribute the cold throughout the water. Now place the bottle in the ice bucket so that the body of the bottle is completely submerged in the ice water.
  • Option: stick the bottle in the freezer!

Tip: Because sparkling wine quickly warms up in the glass, it should be served a degree or two cooler than the recommended drinking temperature.

Our wine recommendations

  1. - +
    Italy, Trentino
    100 % Sauvignon blanc

    75 cl
    Vette di San Leonardo – Vigneti delle Dolomiti bianco igt, Tenuta San Leonardo
  2. - +
    Italy, Tuscany
    100 % Sauvignon blanc

    75 cl
    Gemella bianco – Toscana igt, Tenuta Vallocaia
  3. - +
    Italy, Trentino
    100 % Chardonnay

    75 cl
    Ferrari Maximum Blanc de Blancs – Trento doc - brut, Ferrari

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