Pizza Michelangelo from Santa Lucia on Paradeplatz, accompanied by a glass of red winePizza Michelangelo from Santa Lucia on Paradeplatz, accompanied by a glass of red wine

Pick any wine you like to enjoy with your Pizza Michelangelo

So simple, so good: Pizza and wine are THE dream pairing of «cucina italiana». Even if tradition says otherwise ...

When it comes to selecting the right wine to go with pizza, for once we don’t need to ask the Italians for advice, as their favourite thing to have with it is beer! And yet the Italian wine landscape really does have everything one needs to perfectly complement a crispy pizza with gooey melted cheese. For example, the speciality of Santa Lucia on Paradeplatz: our oven-fresh Pizza Michelangelo topped with tomato sauce and creamy mascarpone, garnished with rocket, wafer-thin Prosciutto di Parma, mozzarella pearls and fresh baby plum tomatoes. Our red, white and sparkling wine tips:

Red wine

Balance is the key. A smooth wine with medium acidity and light on tannin cleanses the palate and pairs beautifully with sizzling cheese.

Try a cheerful Chianti, casual Cannonau or versatile Barbera.

White wine

White should be light and crisp! A quaffable Pinot grigio or a Soave from the Veneto region is the ideal pairing for the fresh acidity of the tomatoes.

Sparkling wine

Parma ham and Prosecco are a match made in heaven, even when the prosciutto is a pizza topping. Or dare to try a dry Lambrusco. We’re confident that this grown-up version of the sparkling red wine will make you throw any preconceptions out the window.

«These wines pair impressively well with Pizza Michelangelo»

Signature Pascale SchiessSignature Pascale Schiess
Pascale Schiess, senior project and event managerPascale Schiess, senior project and event manager

Pascale Schiess
Senior project and event manager

Dense and complex

«The mild, creamy mascarpone is what makes Pizza Michelangelo so unique. Nothing pairs better with it than this delicately fruity and modern interpretation of Chianti Classico from Antinori’s flagship Pèppoli estate.»

Ripe and sweet

«An exceptionally hearty wine from sunny Sardinia: harmonious, velvety and smooth, with ripe, sweet plum and a subtle woody note. For me, it’s the ultimate accompaniment to a pizza!»

Luscious and lively

«The uncomplicated, easy-drinking Bonacosta from the Valpolicella region impresses not only with its price but also with its flavour: luscious and lively, it pairs perfectly with the melted cheese on the pizza.»