Pinot grigio grapes bask in the Italian sunshinePinot grigio grapes bask in the Italian sunshine

Sweet grape

Pinot grigio, also known as Pinot gris or Grauburgunder, is a variety of white grape that produces golden yellow wines that are full of character and low in acidity. It is also used as a blending variety for Pinot noir red wines. A grey veil covers the dark skin of this grape. However, this is not an indication of rot, but rather where the variety gets its name: grigio, Italian for grey.

Where it grows:

  • in Alsace; here it is pressed into fine wines 
  • in Germany’s Baden region, where it is known as Ruländer
  • in Hungary under the name «Szürkebarát» or «Grey Monk»
  • in Valais as «Malvoisie» on calcareous soil

What it tastes like:

  • tangy-fruity with hints of almonds, honey and figs

What it goes with:

  • delicate appetisers and light starters
  • poultry and fish
  • mild cheese
Pinot grigio wines
  1. - +
    Italy, Friuli Venezia Giulia
    100 % Pinot grigio / Pinot gris / Grauburgunder

    75 cl
    Villa Canlungo – Collio doc, Eugenio Collavini
  2. - +
    Italy, Veneto
    85 % Pinot grigio / Pinot gris / Grauburgunder, 15 % Verduzzo

    75 cl
    Masianco – Pinot grigio delle Venezie doc, Masi
  3. - +
    Argentina, Mendoza
    60 % Pinot grigio / Pinot gris / Grauburgunder, 40 % Torrontés

    75 cl
    Passo Blanco – Blanco de Argentina, Masi Tupungato
    Special Price CHF8.50 netto n Regular Price CHF10.50