The Bindella wine experts tell you everything you need to know about vine and grape varieties and open up their well-stocked wine encyclopaedia for you.

Grape varieties

Learn everything you need to know about the best-known grape varieties for white wine, red wine and sparkling wine.

Wine regions

Italy, France, Argentina, USA or Switzerland – discover the world’s most beautiful and exciting wine regions.

Wine producers

With us you will find all of Italy’s renowned wine producers: from A for Antinori to O for Ornellaia and Z for Zecca.

Wine encyclopaedia

Want to know more about wine? You will find the answers in our wine encyclopaedia.

The wine connoisseur magazine

70 pages dedicated to what makes life beautiful. We hope you enjoy our magazine «La vita è bella».

Wine battle

Who is the best sommelier in Switzerland? In our Wine Battle, real wine professionals fight it out for fame and glory.