A hand checks the soil in a vineyardA hand checks the soil in a vineyard

We think and act sustainably

As a family business, we are determined to handle our valuable resources with great care. Our employees are the soul of our enterprise. We want to use energy sparingly by increasing efficiency and reducing consumption. Getting the measurements right is one of the hardest challenges we face: not too much, not too little, not too fast, not too slow. «Responsibility» means owning up to the positive and negative consequences of our actions.

We still have a long way to go. But we want to play our part in creating a more sustainable world. This is why we are guided by the official Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations. They take account of the economic, social and ecological dimensions of sustainable development in a balanced way and must be met by all UN member states around the world by 2030.

«Non fare il passo più lungo della gamba – don’t take a step that is longer than your leg.»

Signatures of Rudi Bindella sen. and Rudi BindellaSignatures of Rudi Bindella sen. and Rudi Bindella
Rudi Bindella and Rudi Bindella junior in the vineyards of Tenuta VallocaiaRudi Bindella and Rudi Bindella junior in the vineyards of Tenuta Vallocaia

4 focus areas

Delight among the employees of Più ZugDelight among the employees of Più Zug


Our employees are encouraged to keep learning and developing. We guarantee equal opportunities and equal pay for equal work. We also support foreign employees with their integration.

Low-energy lighting in the terrace barLow-energy lighting in the terrace bar


To fight against climate change and its effects, we are constantly increasing our energy efficiency and reducing our consumption.

A variety of foods on a tableA variety of foods on a table


As a basic principle we buy our food in Switzerland. When it comes to Italian specialities we look for a transparent value chain. We focus on ensuring needs-based purchasing and responsible suppliers.

Peelings from various vegetablesPeelings from various vegetables


We protect our environment and are sparing in our use of resources. We reduce food waste.