Jeeper vineyard in the Champagne regionJeeper vineyard in the Champagne region

Brilliant Champagne

«Through skilful blending, we emphasise the best that each grape variety has to offer.»

Signature of Nicolas Dubois of JeeperSignature of Nicolas Dubois of Jeeper
Nicolas Dubois, Maison Director at JeeperNicolas Dubois, Maison Director at Jeeper

Nicolas Dubois
Maison Director

Champagne by Jeeper
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    France, Champagne
    50 % Chardonnay, 50 % Pinot nero / Pinot noir / Blauburgunder

    75 cl
    Champagne Cuvée Grand Rosé – Brut, Jeeper
    CHF59.00 netto n
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    France, Champagne
    100 % Chardonnay

    75 cl
    Champagne brut Blanc de Blanc Grande – Réserve AOC, Jeeper
    CHF54.00 netto n