Lagrein grapes being harvestedLagrein grapes being harvested

ABC of varieties

Symbol of a grape hanging on a threadSymbol of a grape hanging on a thread

The very existence of a grape variety can hang on a thread. If winemaker Antonio Mastroberardino (1928–2014) had not passionately campaigned in the 1970s for the indigenous grape varieties of his native land Campania, it’s likely that the Fiano would have disappeared completely. And what a loss that would have been!

This ancient white wine grape of southern Italy, which flourishes around the town of Avellino, delivers wonderfully dense wines with great ageing potential and aromas of almond, hazelnut and honey. They mature astonishingly well and are the perfect match for grilled saltwater fish from the Mediterranean.

Wines with Fiano
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    Italy, Puglia
    90 % Chardonnay, 10 % Fiano di Puglia

    75 cl
    Pietrabianca – Castel del Monte doc, Tenuta Bocca di Lupo
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    Italy, Campania
    100 % Fiano di Avellino

    75 cl
    Radici bianco – Fiano di Avellino docg, Mastroberardino
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    Italy, Campania
    100 % Fiano di Avellino

    75 cl
    Stilèma – Fiano di Avellino docg, Riserva, Mastroberardino