Bistecca alla fiorentinaBistecca alla fiorentina

Three reasons why they are the perfect pairing!

The marriage of red wine with beef is not just traditional, it also makes perfect sense.

Red wine and red meat truly are a match made in heaven. Let us tell you why.

1. Protein softens tannins to a caress

Ever experienced that fuzzy feeling on your tongue after a mouthful of red wine?

This is due to the tannins it contains, which certainly deserve their given name, as their astringent effect quite literally tans the tongue. This quality is more pronounced in some wines that in others,

but when you pair them with beef, something remarkable happens: even the most leonine vintage suddenly morphs into a mellow tabby cat. This is due to the proteins in the meat: as they bind the tannins, the wine becomes beautifully smooth.

Try it for yourself! We promise you the most enjoyable chemistry experiment you’ve ever had.

2. Salt and tannins complement each other well.

The best way to bring out the fruity notes in red wine?

Pair it with something savoury. After all, every red wine has an astringent component, which, while contributing to its complexity, should not necessarily be further accentuated by the food pairing. Salt, on the other hand, does the opposite, mellowing out any harsh notes in the wine and allowing the fruit to unfold beautifully. A robust, tannic red is the perfect accompaniment to a well-seasoned piece of beef, such as a fillet steak with fleur de sel.

3. Toasted notes in wine love the roasted notes of meat.

Birds of a feather flock together, as is often the case when pairing wine and food.

The roasted flavours of a crispy grilled bistecca alla fiorentina or an entrecôte, for example, call for wines with a woody profile. The barrels in which many red wines are matured are previously «toasted» by the cooper, that is to say, burnt on the inside,

which also imparts toasted aromas to the wine. This is why we always recommend choosing a barrel-aged wine to accompany roasted or grilled meat. You’ll find it’s the perfect pairing!

«To accompany your bistecca alla fiorentina, I have three wine recommendations from different regions of Italy.»

Signature Giovanni CapuanoSignature Giovanni Capuano
Giovanni Capuano, Estate Manager at Tenuta VallocaiaGiovanni Capuano, Estate Manager at Tenuta Vallocaia

Giovanni Capuano
Estate Manager at Tenuta Vallocaia

The Tuscan

«A beloved Tuscan classic: Bistecca with Sangiovese. This wine dazzles with its subtle tannins, notes of red berries and delightful hint of rose.»

The Piedmontese

«With its subtle hints of wood, delicate aromatic herbs and wild berries, this classic Barbaresco is best paired with a flavoursome piece of meat.»

The Southern Italian

«With its dense structure and hints of spice, this Campania is a distinctive partner to grilled beef such as bistecca alla fiorentina.»