A man checks a red wine for cork taintA man checks a red wine for cork taint

How to immediately tell if a wine is corked

Are you sometimes unsure whether the wine in your glass is corked or not? We reveal a simple way to confidently recognise it.

Right after you open the bottle, give the cork a sniff. Does it smell all right? Or do you notice a rather unpleasant odour? Cork is a natural product made from the bark of the cork oak. If there are any product defects, the stopper will introduce undesirable flavours of musty cellars or wet cardboard to the wine.

To find out whether the wine is corked, pour a small drop into a glass. Don’t swirl the glass, just smell it. How would you describe the smell – is it pleasant? Now gently swirl the glass. This breaks the surface of the wine and allows the aromas to come to the fore. Can you get an unpleasant smell now? If not, then cheers! If you do, then sadly it’s time to pour it down the drain …

Can corked wine still be used for cooking? We don’t recommend it, as the musty flavour will also spread to your food.

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