Two people enjoy an intimate evening together.Two people enjoy an intimate evening together.

Our wine tips for butterflies in the stomach

For popping the question

Sensual and multifaceted – from the first sip, Braida’s «matchmaker» Il Bacialé is a wine you can depend on. A good match every time.

For the first date

Lamùri is Sicilian for «l’amore». It was love at first sight for us as well.
A well-balanced red with plenty of mellowness. The perfect wine for those times
when you have more than wine on your mind.

Our wine experts have some enticing tips that are guaranteed to make your heart beat faster – and not just on Valentine’s Day!

Though we must confess, when it comes to wine we have a hard time being faithful to just one. Sometimes our heart beats for a passionate Italian, sometimes for a fiery Argentinian. Fortunately we don’t have to choose!

Do you also love variety? Il Bacialé from the Braida winery is a beautiful accompaniment to a lovingly prepared meal on Valentine’s day – or any other special occasion. A velvety soft wine that is generous with its caresses, making you want more. No wonder it’s named the «Matchmaker»!

Sometimes less is more: pour your guest’s glass only one third full. This does not mean you are being stingy but rather is a sign that you are an experienced connoisseur. Give the wine as much surface area as possible, for example by gently swirling the glass. This will release hidden aromas and flavours, which could have an aphrodisiac effect.