Wines to pair with tomatoes and mozzarella

Raw tomatoes don’t like sharing the limelight with wine, but we can tell you how to make it work. The illustrative example: Insalata caprese.

Is there anything more Italian than the tomato? Italian cuisine without pomodori is simply unimaginable. When it comes to choosing a wine, however, they are a tough nut to crack: Tomatoes are not easy to pair, especially in their raw state. Their acidity can overly accentuate the tannins in fuller-bodied red wines. They can also overwhelm the delicately balanced acidity of white and rosé wines.

So, what should you drink with the Italian classic that is insalata caprese? In this simple yet elegant dish, ripe tomatoes and creamy buffalo mozzarella share centre stage. They are drizzled with aromatic olive oil, and thankfully, the absence of vinegar simplifies the wine selection. Located in the former Sihlpost post office building in Zurich, Ristorante Più serves its insalata caprese with pine nuts, whose toasted flavour makes wine pairing a piece of cake. Our tips:


A zesty white wine whose acidity won’t be dimmed by the pomodori is just the thing. Our tip: Verdicchio, a speciality from the central Italian region of Marche.


The perfect accompaniment to insalata caprese. It should be dry and crisp, with lovely berry notes that expertly complement the ripe tomatoes. You can find such wines in Tuscany, for example.


Lots of fruit and light on tannins - these are the qualities that make a red wine a great companion to tomatoes. For example, an uncomplicated Rosso di Montepulciano is a great match.

«Three wines that cut a particularly fine figure with tomato dishes such as an insalata caprese.»

Mike John
Customer Advisor Vinoteca Zurich


«A particularly elegant rosé, bold and full-bodied with a lively acidity. Its charming berry flavours and delicate spicy notes perfectly complement both tomatoes and mozzarella.»


«This white from the Marche region is succulent and easy to drink. The bouquet is characterised by notes of pear, citrus fruit, and bergamot. Its acidity confidently stands up to the tomatoes.»


«The all-rounder from Tenuta Vallocaia! This delightful red wine complements the insalata caprese with an abundance of fruity flavours and succulence, along with inviting notes of cherry and berries.»