Gamberoni al tegamino from Santa Lucia Oerlikon, served with a glass of ProseccoGamberoni al tegamino from Santa Lucia Oerlikon, served with a glass of Prosecco

Prosecco with gamberoni al tegamino

Considering a glass of Prosecco as an aperitif? While this classic choice might seem predictable, this Italian sparkling wine might just surprise you with its versatility.

Gamberoni al tegamino, a king prawn skillet, is a crowd favourite at Santa Lucia Oerlikon, situated in the vibrant northern part of Zürich. Golden brown, infused with garlic and delicately spiced with pepperoncini, this Mediterranean classic captures the essence of an Italian summer. Although it is traditionally served with dry white wine, we want to recommend something different today: try it with a glass of Prosecco!

This Italian sparkling wine is the secret weapon of food pairings. The trick: Opt for the «brut» version; it contains less than 12 grams of residual sugar and is beautifully crisp. But careful, don't get confused: There is also an «extra dry» version which, despite the name, is actually slightly sweet. Still elegant, but better suited for an aperitif or dessert.

Prosecco Brut is the ideal pairing for gamberoni al tegamino. Its lively bubbles perfectly complement the seared flavours of the pan-fried crustaceans, while its subtle, unobtrusive sweetness harmonises wonderfully with that of the prawns. A delightful refreshment on a warm summer’s day and an original alternative for gourmets.

«I like to pair gamberoni al tegamino with a crisp sparkling wine, although a white wine or rosé are equally attractive choices…»

Signature Davide Te NuzzoSignature Davide Te Nuzzo
Davide Te Nuzzo, Customer Service Graubünden/Rhine Valley/LiechtensteinDavide Te Nuzzo, Customer Service Graubünden/Rhine Valley/Liechtenstein

Davide Te Nuzzo
Customer Service Graubünden/Rhine Valley/Liechtenstein

Petillant prosecco

«The cheerful option for fine seafood! A typical Prosecco: elegant, with notes of apple and pear. Brut but not overly dry.»

Vigorous Sicilian

«This white Sicilian goes down famously with shellfish. The ‹Leone› gives off hints of white peach and pink grapefruit. Delightfully fresh and juicy on the palate.»

Crisp Sardinian

«Every sip feels like a holiday! The sparkling deep pink cuvée impresses with its elegant and luscious acidity and a beautifully crisp finish. Perfect with gamberoni!»