A pizza napoletana is cutA pizza napoletana is cut

«Pizza napoletana is soft, airy and a Unesco World Heritage item. Baking time: 60 seconds at over 400 degrees. My current favourite is the ‹Bufalina› with buffalo mozzarella, date tomatoes and basil pesto – and a glass of Chianti classico to go with it. The full-bodied Riserva from Antinori envelops the palate with softness when it meets the flavour of pesto alla genovese. Notes of vanilla, wood and cherry harmonise perfectly with the sweetness of the tomato sauce and the delicate acidity of the buffalo mozzarella. In short: a flavour journey for the senses!»

Lorenzo D’Andrea
Manager of Ristorante Più, Zug

Lorenzo d'Andrea, Manager of Ristorante Più, ZugLorenzo d'Andrea, Manager of Ristorante Più, Zug