Ripe Gewürztraminer grapesRipe Gewürztraminer grapes

A golden yellow wine with demanding standards

Soil, location and climate must be just perfect for the successful cultivation of Gewürztraminer. This grape variety grows best on slopes and in milder temperatures that do not dry out the soil too much. Soil conditions also affect the taste: the granite soils of Alsace give this white wine a different flavour to those of South Tyrol. Taste your way through them and note the differences of the respective terroirs yourself!

Where it grows:

  • in Alsace; two-thirds of the world’s total production originates from here
  • in South Tyrol, for example in the village of Tramin from where it gets its name
  • in Germany, especially in Rheinhessen and in the Palatinate region
  • in Switzerland; some vineyards in the canton of Zurich
  • in California and Australia at untypically hot temperatures for Gewürztraminer

What it tastes like:

  • Gewürztraminer is one of a few grape varieties with a strong primary aroma. The main aromas are lychee and roses. The spicy bouquet with baking spices and cinnamon is also notable.

Goes well with:

  • Asian dishes such as sushi
  • substantial appetisers, such as a cheese platter
  • grilled fish
  • foie gras
Gewürztraminer wines
  1. - +
    Italy, Sicily
    49 % Cataratto, 18 % Sauvignon blanc, 15 % Pinot bianco / Pinot blanc / Weissburgunder, 10 % Gewürztraminer, 8 % Moscato bianco

    75 cl
    Leone Blend – Terre Siciliane igt Tenuta Regaleali, Tasca
  2. - +
    Italy, South Tyrol
    100 % Gewürztraminer

    75 cl
    Gewürztraminer – Alto Adige doc, Alois Lageder