Great pairings are ten-a-penny, but these matches are truly made in heaven. Explore culinary pairings that link mamma’s cooking with Italy's most beautiful vineyards. And who knows, maybe it will be love at first sight for you too!

Wine for cheese fondues

Fondue goes best with a fresh, fruity white wine. But which one? The Bindella sommelier has a couple of suggestions for you.

Which wine for a Fondue Chinoise?

These wines turn Fondue Chinoise into a veritable feast well worth a try!

Pure pleasure

Wine for tartare: aim for simplicity in your glass too. We present three beautiful wines from Italy for your pleasure.

Spicy combo

Wine for spicy dishes? Here are three great choices from «la bella Italia».

Free choice

Reds and rosés always go well with pizza – but a Prosecco brut hits the spot too.

In perfect harmony

The roasted flavours of a tender beef fillet call for a red with strong tannins.

Wine for Carpaccio Cipriani

These elegant combinations enhance the pleasure of a fresh carpaccio.

Anything works!

Wines that are the perfect accompaniment to delicately melting gnocchi al ragù – homemade, of course!

The praise of simplicity

Simple things are often the best. This is also true of wines that work with spaghetti aglio, olio e peperoncino con gamberoni.

Throw away the rulebook!

Do you like red wine with your fresh seafood? Go for it!

Red-white interplay

We reveal how to find the right type of wine for your favourite dish.

Bathed in butter

Why fruity, fresh Chardonnay wines are a perfect match for buttery sauces.

Hot love

The right wines to go with lamb can be found all around the Mediterranean. Enjoy your tour of discovery!

The Taste of the South

Let us take you on a little tour of the lower part of Italy’s boot.

A veritable wish list!

Everything goes with crispy pizza! Our red, white and sparkling wine tips.

Feelgood wines

Wines that provide the perfect accompaniment to a veal meatloaf with a creamy morel sauce.

Well aged

Power and structure without excessive tannins: the ideal wine to accompany a juicy cutlet.

A tingly pairing

Sparkling bubbly or still white wine with Gamberoni al tegamino? In our opinion, they both work.

Spotlight on Pinot Grigio

Did you know? A white wine pairs perfectly with a rich cream sauce. Give it a try!

The thing about saffron

Not so easy: the right wine to accompany saffron risotto. Just follow our sommelier’s recommendations.

Beef and red wine

Three reasons why beef and red wine are an absolutely perfect match.

Red or white with pasta and ricotta?

Learn how to combine wine and pasta perfectly with these simple tips from our sommelier.

Cabernet Sauvignon & veal cutlets

According to Guirino Amorelli of Ristorante Amalfi in Zurich’s Seefeld district, this is a match made in heaven. Tried it yet?

Our fishy friends

Sparkling wines that combine beautifully with roasted brown trout.

Pomodoro amore mio

Wine and tomatoes – not such a simple combination. We show you how to make it work!

Wonderful pairings

Learn how to combine wine and pasta perfectly with these simple tips from our sommelier.

Brunello & Scaloppine al limone

Scaloppine al limone, mmm! A Brunello from Tuscany goes fantastically well with this.

Red wine with poultry? Of course!

White wine with white meat is passé. Find out why here.

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