Züri Geschnetzeltes from Restaurant National in Winterthur served with potato rösti and white wine.Züri Geschnetzeltes from Restaurant National in Winterthur served with potato rösti and white wine.

When it comes to Züri Geschnetzeltes, white wine is the quintessential choice.

The pairing of Pinot Grigio, Italy’s favourite white wine grape, with this Swiss classic beautifully illustrates the affinity between the two countries.

Pinot Grigio, a perennial bestseller and one of Italy’s most drinkable wines, is sometimes underestimated. Indeed, there is much more to it than just a refreshing aperitif. Grauburgunder, as it is known in German, pairs exceptionally well with food,

transcending borders in the process. A perfect example: Züri Geschnetzeltes, sautéed strips of veal in a cream and mushroom sauce. The Italian crowd-pleaser is the ideal complement to this traditional Swiss classic, a specialty of National, our restaurant in Winterthur.

Why Pinot Grigio?

The finest Pinot Grigio wines are known for their characteristic brushwood notes. Close your eyes and imagine yourself walking through a forest – Pinot has a very similar scent. Its woodland notes pair perfectly with mushrooms.

Other aromas that characterise this wine include ripe stone fruit like peach and apricot. They blend elegantly and harmoniously with the cream sauce enveloping the veal, while the robust acidity of the white wine cleanses the palate after every bite.

Which Pinot Grigio?

The most exciting wines of this variety hail from South Tyrol and Friuli. They lose none of their appeal as they age, unfolding their full expression.

Wine matured in wooden barrels pairs particularly well with butter and cream sauces. And if you’re feeling adventurous, may we suggest a Pinot Grigio Spumante? A scintillating pairing!

«Few combinations are as perfect as Züri Geschnetzeltes and Pinot Grigio»

Signature Alessandro BinoSignature Alessandro Bino
Alessandro Bino, Regional Manager/Key Account Manager GraubündenAlessandro Bino, Regional Manager/Key Account Manager Graubünden

Alessandro Bino
Regional Manager/Key Account Manager Graubünden

The perfect Friulano

«Pairing this beloved dish with a Northern Italian white may seem surprising at first, but the fruitiness, minerality and fine acidity of Pinot Grigio harmonise beautifully with the creamy sauce. A must try!»

The surprise

«The stony soils of Grave del Friuli produce fresh, fruity wines. I was bold enough to serve some guests this great aperitif wine with Züri Geschnetzeltes once and was impressed with the outcome!»

South Tyrolean charm

«A ripe and floral type. Delicate hints of honey on the palate, coupled with a pleasant acidity. Lageder ferments the must in stainless steel tanks and lets it rest on fine lees for four months.»