A young woman smells a glass of red wine at Vinoteca ZurichA young woman smells a glass of red wine at Vinoteca Zurich

The step-by-step guide to tasting wine like a pro

Whether or not you like a wine is an entirely personal matter. The more wine you try, the better you get to know your own tastes.

When partaking in a wine tasting, you should proceed systematically:

The eyes

The visual test will give you your first insights:

  • clarity, brilliance, shade and colour depth
  • carbonic bubbles (perlage)
  • viscosity (fluidity)

The nose

Our olfactory organ differentiates more precisely than the tongue:

  • clarity
  • intensity
  • aromas (primary, secondary and tertiary aromas)

When performing a smell test, don’t inhale too deeply, otherwise your olfactory nerves will be desensitized.


The palate

Take a big sip and keep the wine in your mouth for six to eight seconds. You will notice:

  • sweetness, acidity, salinity, bitterness
  • fluidity and viscosity
  • sprightliness, astringency, burning sensation
  • finish (sharp, aggressive)

Overall impression

The quality criteria are:

  • intensity, complexity
  • delicacy, harmony
  • typicality, individual character

Our wine recommendations

  1. - +
    Italy, Veneto
    100 Merlot

    75 cl
    Rosa dei Masi – Rosato Trevenezie igt, Masi
    Special Price CHF12.90 Regular Price CHF15.00


  2. - +
    Italy, Piedmont
    70 % Chardonnay, 30 % Nascetta

    75 cl
    Il Fiore – Langhe bianco doc, Braida
  3. - +
    Italy, Sardinia
    100 % Cannonau

    75 cl
    Cannonau di Sardegna Riserva doc, Riserva, Sella & Mosca

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