View of the vineyards in TuscanyView of the vineyards in Tuscany

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From the hills of Val d’Orcia to the most renowned gourmet Mecca in the world, Brunello di Montalcino is the epitome of spectacular Italian winemaking. In short, one of the most sought-after Italian reds in the world! Classic Tuscan wines: aromatic grapes tickle the nose; a soft, decadent mouthfeel captivates the palate; followed by a long, very intense finish.

Cristina Mariani-May, owner and CEO of BanfiCristina Mariani-May, owner and CEO of Banfi

Cristina Mariani-May, owner and CEO of Banfi

What the winemaker has to say:

«One of Banfi’s classic productions! Made from Sangiovese grapes from our own clonal selection, this wine is one of the few examples of perfect symbiosis between tradition and oenological modernity. Elegant and powerful, ready to enjoy, but can also be held in the cellar for many years.»

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«Mangia qualcosa!»

Brunello pairs perfectly with braised and grilled meats with rich sauces, aromatic cheese, mushroom dishes or meals topped with truffles. With an ideal serving temperature of 18°C, Brunello also needs some time to breathe either in a decanter or in the bottle itself.

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It’s all in the name

Brunello is characterised by its ruby-red shine accompanied by hints of brown. This comes from the slightly brown shade of the Sangiovese grape skin, which gives it the name Brunello, meaning «little brown one» in the Tuscan dialect.

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Brunello can only be pressed from Sangiovese grapes. This is the dominant grape variety in Tuscany, with records even showing the ancient Etruscans were growing it as far back as 2,500 years ago. In 2004, renowned grape geneticist José Vouillamoz from Switzerland proved that the Sangiovese grape variety resulted from the spontaneous cross-breeding of the Ciliegiolo and Calabrese di Montenuovo varieties.

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The roots of a great passion

The Banfi winery has played a major role in the history of Brunello, having worked in collaboration with the University of Milan to select the most suitable Sangiovese clones for each soil type (out of 650 different clones). The estate was founded in 1978 by John and Harry Mariani from New York.

The pair had previously achieved considerable affluence in the US by importing Lambrusco. They fulfilled their dream of running their own winery in the homeland of their grandfather, where Cristina Mariani-May manages it to this day.

Their credo: «For a better wine world. Working with our hands, thinking with our heart. Taking care of the environment today for tomorrow.»

No glory without rules

The designation of origin docg (Denominazione d’Origine Controllata e Garantita) guarantees that the Sangiovese grapes come exclusively from Montalcino and that Brunello has been aged for at least five years before coming to market. Only then can the bottleneck bear the coveted quality seal.