Pan-fried brown trout: Trota di fiumePan-fried brown trout: Trota di fiume

Zesty wines to accompany trota di fiume

Fresh, crisp and cool: Northern Italy offers the perfect wines for fish.

What pairs well with brown trout pan-fried in butter and herbs? It’s quite simple: Wines as fresh as the spring water the fish once frolicked in! Such wines can be found in the northern regions of Italy.

The cool climate of the regions near the Alps and the significant temperature shifts between day and night ensure that the grapes maintain their acidity. The result? Zesty wines with a delicately fragrant bouquet. Here are four recommendations that make the trout swim like a fish in water:

Pinot grigio from South Tyrol

The ultimate fish lover, it pairs well with almost any finned creature. And the Pinot grigio wines from biodynamic pioneer Lageder are among the best in Italy for good reason. A perfect match.

Chardonnay from South Tyrol

A creamy Chardonnay will harmonise wonderfully with fish in a rich sauce. Extra tip: If butter is involved, consider a barrel-aged wine.

Prosecco from the Veneto region

Prosecco bubbles like a mountain stream! And it adds an extra touch of lightness to the flavoursome fish dish.

Pigato from Liguria

Pigato from Liguria is a rare variation of Vermentino. Its succulence and flavour make it the perfect pairing for fish.

«I like to pair brown trout in butter and herbs with a white wine or a Prosecco.»

Signature Marion RuprechtSignature Marion Ruprecht
Marion Ruprecht, Customer Advisor at Vinoteca ZurichMarion Ruprecht, Customer Advisor at Vinoteca Zurich

Marion Ruprecht
Customer Advisor Vinoteca Zurich


«Torre Rosazza's Pinot Grigio is a quintessential incarnation of this ancient grape variety: delicate, fruity and elegant. Just right for fish dishes.»


«If you prefer something a little more full-bodied: This outstanding Chardonnay from biodynamic pioneer Alois Lageder flatters the fish with its ripe aromas and creaminess.»


«Very straightforward: The light, easy-drinking sparkling wine from Prosecco-master Graziano Merotto makes a jolly accompaniment to fried brown trout.»