Roast Mistkratzerli from Ristorante Amalfi in ZurichRoast Mistkratzerli from Ristorante Amalfi in Zurich

Our wine pairing for ‘Mistkratzerli’

Time to put the old rule of «white wine with white meat» to rest. Red goes beautifully with a crispy-skinned bird such as a golden-brown roasted poussin.

Rules of thumb are great but should not be taken too literally. For example, while it is traditional to match the colour of the wine to that of the meat, white with white, red with red, those who came up with this formula failed to consider the myriad ways poultry can be prepared. Surely, a poached chicken breast has little in common with a roasted Mistkratzerli?

Four varieties in particular complement both pollastrello, as Italians like to call poussin, and mature roasted chicken.


Wines made with Merlot complement the juicy white meat of a ‘güggeli’ whilst still holding their own against the hearty roasted flavours of the skin. All the better if aged in the barrel.

Pinot Nero

A classic with roast poultry, which it accompanies perfectly with its slightly feral notes. As the English say: «Burgundy with the bird. This is because Pinot Nero originates from Burgundy, where it is known as Pinot Noir. In Italy, regions like South Tyrol produce excellent Pinot Nero.


With its wonderful fruity sweetness and herbal notes, this magnificent variety from Sardinia goes beautifully with rosemary or thyme-scented güggeli.

Cabernet Sauvignon

What makes crispy-skinned Mistkratzerli so delicious? Undoubtedly its rich, roasted flavours. These not only harmonise particularly well with red wines but also soften and enhance the fruitiness of tannin-rich varieties, such as Cabernet Sauvignon.

«Don't assume that Pollastrello al timo can only be paired with white wine; I can think of three red wines that would pair particularly very well with it...»

Signature Flavio AndreoliSignature Flavio Andreoli
Flavio Andreoli, Customer Service Lake Zurich/Zurich OberlandFlavio Andreoli, Customer Service Lake Zurich/Zurich Oberland

Flavio Andreoli
Customer Service Lake Zurich/Zurich Oberland

The smooth one

«A star as soon as it came on the market! With Le Difese, the makers of Sassicaia masterfully navigate the balance between international and local influences. Local sangiovese joins ranks with cabernet. A smooth Tuscan with notes of sour cherry and Mediterranean herbs. Simply divine with a Mistkratzerli.»

The harmonious one

«Many years of experience have taught me that an elegant label on the bottle doesn’t always say much about the quality of the content. However, in the case of Terre di San Leonardo, I can attest to its top quality at a particularly attractive price, making it an ideal choice for a cheerful feast with friends or family.»

The elegant one

«Crafted from Pinot Nero, one of my favourite grape varieties, it is even more delightful when aged in barrels, like this one. Ripe raspberries and strawberries, some forest soil, leafy and mossy, delicate toasted and spicy notes as well as beautifully integrated tannins – simply heavenly with a Mistkratzerli.»