Linguine alla Veneziana paired with a lovely red wineLinguine alla Veneziana paired with a lovely red wine

Red wine with Linguine alla Veneziana

Do you like to pair seafood with red wine? Then go for it! Italians have no qualms about it either, and that’s a good thing.

Why do we love Italy so much? Because Italians don’t sweat the small stuff, traffic rules are at best a recommendation, and because they relativise every mishap with a charming shrug. In short: This amiable bunch aren’t too bothered about rules, which is also why Italians will happily drink red wine with seafood if they feel like it. And you know what? A lot of the time, it’s a great idea.

Take Linguine alla Veneziana for example: delicate pasta tossed with chopped fresh scampi and topped with sautéed king prawns. According to the old adage, seafood must be paired with white wine, but the crustaceans come with Taggiasca olives, which changes everything. Their tangy flavour opens the door wide to a variety of red wines. We have three tips for you.


A Barbera harmonises the delicate taste of the seafood with the more pronounced flavour of the olives. Extra tip: Serve this Piedmontese wine slightly chilled.


A rule of thumb to remember: Olives and Syrah get on like a house on fire.. Try a Sicilian vintage with the Venetian pasta dish and you’ll see that sometimes, northern and southern Italy can get along like a charm!


A touch of local patriotism is a must. The Valpolicella region lies very close to Venice, so why not try a Classico Superiore, which undergoes a second fermentation with dried grapes? Our promise to you: This sumptuous wine proves that rules really are completely overrated.

«Linguine alla Veneziana is a pasta dish that allows for plenty of flexibility when selecting a wine.»

Signature Matthias SteffenSignature Matthias Steffen
Matthias Steffen, Customer Advisor for the City and Agglomeration of BernMatthias Steffen, Customer Advisor for the City and Agglomeration of Bern

Matthias Steffen
Matthias Steffen, Customer Advisor for the City and Agglomeration of Bern

Beautifully rounded

«A must with Linguine alla Veneziana: after all, the wine and the dish hail from the same region, the Veneto. The secondary fermentation with dried grapes gives the wine roundness and plenty of body.»

Light as a feather

«With its moderate 13 percent alcohol by volume and subdued tannins, this lively Calabrian pairs perfectly with the delicate scampi and pasta.»

Warm and spicy

«Made with Nerello Mascalese grapes, this Sicilian wine brings warm, spicy notes to the table that enhance the bold flavour of the olives.»