Rôti de veau haché aux morilles at Terrasse in ZurichRôti de veau haché aux morilles at Terrasse in Zurich

The right wine to go with ‘Rôti de veau haché aux morilles’

Meatloaf is the ultimate comfort food. Prepared with minced veal and served with morel sauce, it is also a real delicacy.

The wine cellar at Terrasse, our restaurant near Bellevue in Zurich, is well stocked, and as luck would have it, the specialty of the house, ‹Rôti de veau haché aux morilles›, veal meatloaf with morel sauce, pairs well with a wide variety of wines. These can be harmonised with the meat, the mushrooms or the sauce, depending on preference. Our suggestions for everyone’s favourite dish:

Loves meatloaf

A velvety red wine with beautiful fruit and low on tannins. Try a Merlot with its mellow sweetness, or a fragrant Barbera. A contemporary Tuscan, from the Maremma region for example, is also an excellent choice.

To showcase the morels

Pinot noir There is hardly a better wine pairing for mushrooms. This is because many Pinot noirs display earthy notes of forest soil, especially as they mature. In Italy, this cool climate grape is mainly grown in the northern half of the country, for example in South Tyrol, Piedmont and Umbria.

To complement the cream sauce

Chardonnay The unctuousness of Chardonnay blends seamlessly with butter and cream. The result is the crème de la crème! Tip: Opt for a wine aged in wooden barrels.

«I like to pair my meatloaf with morel sauce with a charming Tuscan wine.»

Signature Lars BrynerSignature Lars Bryner
Lars Bryner, internal customer serviceLars Bryner, internal customer service

Mike John
Customer Advisor Vinoteca Zurich

Refined tannins

«This Tuscan classic dazzles with notes of ripe cherry and blackberry and hints of peppermint and chocolate, bolstered by elegant tannins.»

Lively acidity

«A fine-grained Brunello with delicious notes of cherry and subtle hints of cedar and leather. Its lively acidity offers a refreshing contrast to the creamy sauce.»

Depth of flavour

«Wonderfully velvety with sweet fruit and a depth of flavour that marries perfectly with the earthy morels. Affordable indulgence!»