Hand-cut beef tartare at National in WinterthurHand-cut beef tartare at National in Winterthur

Red wine with beef tartare

Classic beef tartare is meat in its purest form, fresh, raw and hand-cut. The best wine pairing? One that is equally stripped back.

Beef calls for red, does it not? Generally speaking, yes. But not all cuts are created equal and the exquisite beef tartare served at National in Winterthur plays by its very own rules. Wines that would bring out the best of a seared steak would miss the mark entirely with raw beef.

Why is that?

Tartare lacks the savoury roasted flavours of steak; the texture is also vastly different: The finely diced raw meat is mild and delicate on the palate. However, the seasoning is more complex: spicy Tabasco and Dijon mustard meet tart capers and gherkins, while tangy, salty anchovies meet sweet ketchup and paprika.

So, which wine pairs best?

While a seared steak is best served with a robust, tannin-rich wine, tartare needs a more gentle partner. A lively, smooth and fruity wine that doesn't overpower its complex flavours, with enough juicy acidity to cleanse the palate after every forkful.

Our suggestions from the repertoire of crisp, clean wines: A succulent and vibrant Chianti. An easy drinking Barbera, clear and fruity. A simple Vapolicella. A fragrant Pinot nero from South Tyrol.

Care to try a Bordeaux blend? Then be sure to opt for a smooth and velvety wine, from the Maremma region for example Extra tip: These wines continue to round off in the carafe and are the perfect choice for a tartare.

«Red is the one and only choice for beef tartare.»

Signature Armando PipitoneSignature Armando Pipitone
Armando Pipitone, customer advisor for the Basel regionArmando Pipitone, customer advisor for the Basel region

Daniel Wiget
Regional Manager/Key Account Manager


«An inviting, fruit-forward blend from the finest vineyards; dense and seductive, which envelops the beef tartare in a velvety smoothness.»


«A fresh, contemporary wine, wonderful to drink even when young. A succulent and enchanting accompaniment to the hand-cut meat.»


«A superb Chianti classico of the highest calibre, elegant and full-bodied, which adds a lovely freshness to the tartare.»