Servierte Tagliatelle alla calabreseServierte Tagliatelle alla calabrese

Wine pairings for tagliatelle alla calabrese

What could go better with Calabrian pasta than southern Italian wines? A little tour of the lower part of Italy’s boot.

Calabria: Gaglioppo

Calabria, the toe of Italy’s boot, is the home of the Gaglioppo, also called Magliocco. Under the southern sun, it turns wonderfully ripe and sweet, and the wines it produces are correspondingly rich in alcohol - somewhat unexpected given their light colour. The Gaglioppo has scents of cherry and warm spices. It is often combined with other varieties.

Puglia: Primitivo

Don’t let the name fool you: Primitivo, situated at the heel of the Italian boot, was not named for its simplicity.

Its name comes from the Latin «primativus», «the first to emerge». It envelops the palate in plenty of spice and exuberant berry fruits and polishes it off with fresh acidity. A curious fact: the Californian Zinfandel is the same grape.

Basilicata: Aglianico

Basilicata lies between Calabria and Puglia. The best vines grow on the volcanic soils of the extinct Mount Vulture.

The Aglianico grape thrives here in particular. The wine is also popularly known as the «Barolo of the South», because, like its northern Italian neighbour, it boasts a strong acidity and pithy tannins and only develops its full finesse with maturity.

Sicily: Nero d’Avola

In Sicily the Nero d'Avola, the «Black Grape of Avola», reigns supreme. It can never get too hot for this grape, which is why it is so comfortable on Italy’s largest island within sight of the African continent. The wines carry the aromas of plum, berries and chocolate, their tannins caressingly soft. Hugely inviting early on, they are also capable of maturing for a long time thanks to their acidity.

«How bold are you when it comes to pairing wine with tagliatelle alla calabrese? Why not try out one of my wine pairings?»

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Sandra Rapold, Geschäftsleitung EventmarketingSandra Rapold, Geschäftsleitung Eventmarketing

Sandra Rapold
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«Naturally, southern Italian pasta goes well with a southern Italian wine. Like this Primitivo from Puglia: juicy and silky with ripe, lush fruit, it complements the creamy tomato sauce perfectly.»


«For those who love experimenting! The grapes for this wine are dried for three months before pressing. The end product is a wine with a crisp, harmoniously integrated acidity, subtle notes of wild berry and a spicy finish.»


«Why not try something bubbly with your pasta? This exquisite Champagne has a creamy structure coupled with elegant fruit. Truly refreshing and definitely a very special wine!»