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Roycello – Fiano Salento igt, Tormaresca

White wine

100 % Fiano di Puglia


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Tasting notes
Straw yellow with greenish reflections, grapefruit dominates the expressive nose alongside whispers of apricots, yellow peaches and melons, rounded off by a floral lavender nuance. Exceptionally fresh on the palate followed by an irresistibly tasty finish.
1876007522 fruity, floral light, elegant, dry Apéro / canapés, Vegetarian No wood, In steel tank up to five years Natural cork
A southern Italian summer dream from the coast of Salento! The vineyards of Roy and the smaller Roycello were named by Tormaresca after a resident of the marshlands of the Cerano forest: the crane. This bird is known as «Roy» in the local dialect after its cooing sound.
It is best when served well chilled (around 12 degrees) and pairs supremely well with salmon antipasti or a spicy coconut fish curry.
High temperatures and low rainfall were the hallmarks of the 2022 vintage, with optimal day-night variations and cooling sea breezes preserving the aromatic freshness of the Fiano. The harvest for the Masseria Maìme is done in mid-September. After gentle pressing, the must is cooled to 10 degrees for around 24 hours. The fermentation process in stainless steel tanks takes place at a slightly higher temperature (16 degrees), then the Fiano ages for four months on the lees before bottling.
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