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Rissoa – Toscana igt, Tenuta di Biserno

Rosé wine


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Tasting notes
A light, fruity aroma of pink grapefruit and apricot unfolds on the nose, complemented by floral notes and hints of tea and chamomile. On the palate, Rissoa offers a balanced acidity that introduces a pleasantly zesty finish. The aromas on the nose are echoed on the palate, making this wine an excellent companion for light cuisine and social gatherings.
2240007523 fruity light Apéro / canapés, Light
A rosato that expresses the essence and unmistakable character of the Bibbona terroir. The pale pink colour, fruity and floral taste and slightly salty notes reflect the connection to the Tyrrhenian coast. A versatile rosé that shines with balanced acidity and aromatic complexity. Rissoa is the Italian name for the sea snail that adorns the label.
Aperitivo, antipasti
The production of Rissoa begins with the careful hand-picking of the grapes: Cabernet franc and Syrah. After harvest, the grapes are chilled and gently pressed. Fermentation takes place in stainless steel tanks at a controlled temperature, which is gradually increased towards the end to preserve the aromas. After thirty days on the fine lees with daily bâtonnage, the wine matures for a further two months in the bottle.
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