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Moxxé - Pinot grigio Ramato brut – Metodo Charmat, Masi

Sparkling wine


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Tasting notes
Brilliant salmon pink colour with lively perlage. A bouquet with delicate fruity notes reminiscent of wild berries, especially strawberries. Fresh and fluid on the palate, and at the same time compelling thanks to pleasant notes of ripe fruit that also accompany the long and markedly dry finish.
3425207523 Vegan fruity Apéro / canapés, Vegetarian, Asian up to five years
The technique of producing sparkling wine through a tank fermentation process has been known in Veneto since the end of the 18th century. Masi applies it to the Pinot grigio, which – thanks to a short appassimento and a light maceration – takes on new kinds of fruit notes and an extremely original, brilliant rosé tone.
Tip: great with roast beef! Vegetable quiche and fish.
The Pinot grigio, harvested at the end of August, is vinified after the grapes have been slightly dried for around 20 days. Light maceration takes place in the grape press for around two hours at a temperature of 15°C with simultaneous light pressing. The must obtained is characterised by the unique copper colour of Pinot grigio, the intensity of which is further enhanced by the light appassimento. Fermentation takes place at low temperatures of between 15 and 20°C and lasts 25 days, highlighting the freshness and fragrance. The malolactic fermentation is stopped to preserve the acidity. This is transformed into sparkling wine according to the Charmat process.
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