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Ferrari Riserva Lunelli – extra brut – Trento doc, Ferrari

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Tasting notes
Rich yellow with golden highlights. The perlage is very fine and long-lasting. Fruity and rich on the nose with a complex web of aromas. A smooth structure on the palate. The maturation in large barrels of Austrian oak lends this Riserva a whole range of sensations that stand out for their originality. Notes of toast, yeast, pineapple and warm spices are also confirmed on the palate. Versatile in expression, perfect in balance. Very long-lasting.
3448507515 Vegan, Prestigious wine spicy complex six to ten years
A vintage sparkling wine of exceptional structure – a fascinating synthesis of innovation and tradition. An extremely complex sparkling wine. Elegance successfully paired with seductive aromas, which derive from the ageing in wooden barrels.
Not only an ideal apéro but also great as an accompaniment to risotto, white meat or aromatic fish.
This big Riserva is the result of more than one hundred years of traditional winemaking, proudly produced under the Lunelli family name. It is a Trentodoc of exceptional structure, made exclusively from Chardonnay grapes from the winery’s own vineyards. As a fascinating synthesis of tradition and innovation, it is the only label of Ferrari, whose first fermentation takes place in large barrels made of Austrian oak. The maturation in wood lends this sparkler more body, a bewitching complexity of flavours and a harmonious softness. The Riserva Lunelli ages for at least seven years in the bottle before going on sale.
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