Italy, Trentino

Vign'Asmara – Vigneti delle Dolomiti bianco igt, Conti Bossi Fedrigotti

White wine

Chardonnay, Traminer


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Tasting notes
Pale yellow with golden highlights. Seductively floral on the nose. Roses, lilac, but also ripe, fruity notes. These are complemented by discreet roasted notes, brought out by the barrique ageing. Full-bodied and creamy on the palate, showing exceptional balance with quaffable acidity. The floral notes that are present on the nose are less pronounced on the palate, superseded here by ripe stone fruit and, again, discreet roasted notes. The wine reveals a smooth, soft texture.
1228707521 Vegan fruity, floral, spicy light, elegant, dry Meat, Poultry, Fish, Cheese Short time in wood, In steel tank up to five years Natural cork
Both varieties are matured separately in stainless steel tanks before being blended. Seductive notes of rose and lilac on the nose, full-bodied and creamy on the palate with palatable acidity. Exceptionally harmonious.
A wonderful accompaniment to a springlike vegetable risotto. Delicious with soft cheese or fish.
The grapes are carefully picked by hand, separated by variety. Once they have arrived at the winery, they are pressed separately at a controlled temperature in stainless steel tanks. The two young wines are blended and matured as a Cuvée for several months in French oak.
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