Switzerland, Zurich

Sauvignon Blanc aoc Zürich, Bechtel

White wine


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Tasting notes
Pale lemon yellow. On the nose it develops aromas of passion fruit and gooseberries, typical of the variety. The palate is dominated by notes of elderberry, grapefruit and a little lychee. The acidity is pleasant and refreshing.
1161807522 Small scale operation fruity, floral light, dry Fish, Vegetarian No wood, In steel tank up to five years Natural cork
The full brilliance of Sauvignon blanc is brought to the fore in this single-variety wine. Exotic fruits and the typical gooseberry aroma fill the palate. The acidity is refreshing and exciting.
Served chilled, this aromatic Sauvignon blanc is tailor-made for a warm summer evening. However, it is also excellent for pairing with light vegetable dishes, fish or Asian cuisine.
The grapes are crushed so that the must can extract additional aromas and depth from the skins. This step is a way of bringing out the varietal character. Moreover, the gentle winemaking method without oxygen helps to retain the typical aromas of Sauvignon blanc.
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