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Ravazzol Riserva – Amarone della Valpolicella classico docg, Ca’ La Bionda

Red wine

Rondinella, Corvinone, Molinara, Corvina


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Tasting notes
Dense ruby with violet reflections. An exceptionally complex yet harmonious wine. The nose reveals tobacco and liquorice. These are complemented by dried fruit aromas, cherry compote and a little leather. Tannins are noticeable on the palate, almost sweet in character and not astringent. The aromas of the nose are reflected in the flavours. A truly rich wine that never loses its elegance. Intense and very long finish.
2235307513 Vegan six to ten years
Gambero Rosso
A masterpiece! The grapes come from Ravazzol, the best vineyard on the estate. Old vines produce the fruits for this captivating Amarone Riserva. A superior wine.
The very epitome of a meditation wine. For fireside drinking.
The vineyards are located on a hill called Ravazzol. The vines are between 50 and 70 years old. Depending on the variety, the grapes are carefully selected in the vineyard between the end of September and the end of October and harvested by hand. After the harvest, the grapes are dried on racks called «arelle» until at least the end of January, as is customary with Amarone production. The grapes lose around 40 per cent of their own weight here. At the same time, sugar, flavour and extract are concentrated, giving the future wine a unique scent and taste as well as great density. After drying, the grapes are fermented at low temperatures in stainless steel tanks. Fermentation begins spontaneously. No yeast is added to this wine. Once fermentation is complete, the young Amarone matures for eight years in 3,000 l oak barrels.
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