Italy, Veneto

Ravazzol – Amarone della Valpolicella classico docg, Ca’ La Bionda

Red wine

70 % Corvina, 20 % Corvinone, 10 % Rondinella, Molinara


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Tasting notes
Powerful ruby. Aged, rich aromatics of high complexity and finesse, with discreet sweetness on the nose. Spicy, balsamic notes, intense roasted notes, coffee and black chocolate, leather, dried flowers as well as fruits and almonds. On the palate, an initial sensation of excellent acidity that lends structure. Matured, accentuating tannins. Very powerful body, texture full of character and multi-layered palate flavours of compote fruit, kitchen herbs and phenolic notes. Long finish.
2235207517 Vegan, Small scale operation, Prestigious wine fruity, spicy very strong, complex, dry Meat, Game Over 24 months in wood, Only in barrique, With dried grapes six to ten years Natural cork
Gambero Rosso
This aristocratic single-vineyard Amarone impresses with its rich flavour, great finesse and subtle sweetness. Flavours of coffee, dark chocolate, almonds and ripe fruit. In a class of its own.
Ravazzol – a red pearl for dreaming and philosophising...
The vineyards are located on a hill called Ravazzol. The vines are between 50 and 70 years old. Depending on the variety, the grapes are carefully selected in the vineyard between the end of September and the end of October and harvested by hand. After the harvest, the grapes are dried on racks called «arelle» until at least the end of January, as is customary with Amarone production. The grapes lose around 40 per cent of their own weight here. At the same time, sugar, flavour and extract are concentrated, giving the future wine a unique scent and taste as well as great density. After drying, the grapes are fermented at low temperatures in stainless steel tanks. After fermentation, the young wine is then aged for 36 months, partly in 225 litre barriques, partly in 30 hl oak barrels. Following the blending of the two batches, the finished wine remains in bottles for another eight months before hitting the shelves.
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