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Pinot Noir "Selection" aoc Zürich, Bechtel

Red wine


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Tasting notes
Exudes an immense elegance and freshness. Fine, typical Pinot nose with aromas of red berries and cherries. Perfectly balanced, on the palate this multifaceted wine reveals a delicate nobility. Spicy-mineral finish with a pleasing length.
2161707519 Small scale operation fruity, spicy elegant, complex Meat, Poultry six to 24 months in wood up to five years
Pinot noir to fall in love with! On the sun-kissed slopes along the Rhine, this delicate charmer achieves its greatest potential. Full-bodied, highly complex and exceptionally opulent, the red fruit aromas so typical of this variety are enhanced by the fine spiciness that comes from oak-ageing.
Whether it is served with veal in a spicy sauce or a roast chicken, a vegetable gratin, autumnal mushroom dishes or the timeless classic that is rösti – Bechtel’s Pinot noir never fails to impress with its versatility.
The light soils on the steep slopes are quick to warm up, which means the late-harvest grapes ripen to their full aromatic richness. Even before fermentation, fruity aromas are released from the skins during a cool rest period. To even out the tannins and bring out the noble flavours, the Pinot noir rests in used barriques.
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