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Olio Pèppoli – Olio extra vergine di oliva - biologico DOP Chianti classico, Tenuta Pèppoli

Olive oil

80 % Frantoio, 10 % Moraiolo, 10 % Leccino

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Tasting notes
Aromatic olive oil with a Mediterranean-spicy flavour and a strong aftertaste.
5113505023 Organic up to five years
The organic olive oil from Tenuta Pèppoli is made from the Frantoio, Moraiolo and Leccino olive varieties. The fruit is crushed a few hours after hand-picking using the typical grindstones. Fruity flavour with a slightly spicy finish.
Olive oil is an excellent accompaniment to Mediterranean dishes and can be used for raw vegetables as well as for steaming and stewing.
The olive trees grow up to 20 metres high and can live for several hundred years. At most wineries, the olive groves are used as compensation areas and are cultivated in a natural way. After lightly squeezing the fruit, it is cold-pressed at a maximum temperature of 27°C. The extra virgin oil remains in containers until the lees sink.
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