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Costasera – Amarone della Valpolicella classico docg, Masi

Red wine


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Tasting notes
Dark, dense ruby red. Wonderfully, intensely fragrant nose with notes of ripe plums, fruit compote and sweet warm spices, complex and rich in finesse. Juicy, complex and dense on the palate. Fine, ripe flavours, reminiscent of rum top. A composition of sweet ripe fruits with a particularly harmonious tannin structure, accompanied by an elegant acidity and a long, aromatically persistent finish.
2234507519 Vegan fruity rich, very strong Meat, Game Over 24 months in wood, With dried grapes six to ten years
Fermentation, which lasts around 45 days, begins after the three-month «appassimento». After this, 80% of the young wine matures in large 40 to 80 hl oak barrels into an aromatic, velvety wine, while the rest remains in barriques.
Perfect with hearty meat dishes, game as well as ripe Gorgonzola or Parmigiano.
For the Amarone, the best Valpolicella grapes are harvested at the beginning of October. To dry them out, the grapes stay on special laths in well-ventilated rooms for about three months. They lose up to 40% of their original weight during this process. At the same time, sugar, flavour and extract are concentrated. The fermentation process, which lasts around 45 days, is initiated in mid-January temperature-controlled stainless steel tanks. The wine is then matured in wooden barrels for several years.
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